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by Alchemy

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released April 2, 2016



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Alchemy Chesterton, Indiana

A band that started out in their freshman year of high school that stood together for the last 7 years. Starting in the dank years of "Late Night Morgue" to the must know band of "Alchemy". We are a very mixed genre band but to simply put it, Metalcore. We recently recorded an ep and cant wait for you all to hear it... we're currently writing for our debut album as well. ... more

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Track Name: The Shadows Of Hell (April Fools Joke)
*Available upon request*
Track Name: Salad (Pre-Pro Demo)
They're gone, they're dead, don't even try to pretend.
I'd rip out both of my eyes if that meant I could see you again.
I'm not fine everything is not okay
I could have saved your life
Sometimes I think I still can hear your voice on the phone.
Sometimes I can't stand the guilt I feel for leaving you alone.
One more day that's all I ask
Why did your candle burn out so fast?

So many times I ask myself
Why it's so hard to carry on
I know you're in a better place
There's still a life here going on

Stand down solder stand down
This battle can't be one alone
Lay your tired head down
There's no need to fight this anymore
I'll over come this one day even though it will never be the same
I'll carry on until the end

Although your absence may feel wrong
I'll carry on until the end
My will shall stay strong
I will fight on, I will not bend

Stand down solder stand down
This battle can't be one alone
Lay your tired head down
There's no need to fight this anymore


Why do the good die young
From the hands of god I'll take you back
This emptiness, this emptiness
I feel my body trembling
So much more I could have done
I hate myself more everyday
Forgive me, forgive my friend
Your loss weighs heavy on my soul.

I will make the most of this time
As short as it seems
Although this farewell feels so somber
I will move on
There is a life still here to lead

Track Name: Revolution (Old Demo)

Verse 1
When diplomacy has failed and the shadow has prevailed.
When our hearts have drowned in a sea of fear
when the future of our youth fills with despair
to whom should we turn when our end draws near

Lets start a revolution
the time for war is now
lets start a revolution
we'll raze their temples to the ground
down with their money
down with their fame
down with their poison
down with their shame

Verse 2
We will not obey
fuck what the monarchy has to say
its clear that regicide is the only way
its a never ending cycle of tyranny
we demand change in the monarchy

Honor to the hollow, blind, and lost
we are the ones who were nailed to the cross
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
in the revolution I place my trust


Track Name: Destiny (Rough Demo)
*Available upon request*